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Keeping the You alive.

Flowers, green grasses, and small clusters everywhere. It's an animal kingdom. A goat meets a fish, and they become friends. They come together, and discover their variances, as regards their way of living, habitat and all. Then one day, the goat begins to tell the fish, that if they must remain friends, the fish has to leave its own habitat, and come stay with the goat on land. What  do you think would happen if the fish, which is cut out to live in water, decides to please her friend the goat, and come to stay on land? Your guess is as good as mine.                In the above illustration, the goat, and the fish were the focus....In today's illustration, you are our focus.                   Your life is made up of dreams, values, beliefs, aspirations. Though some of yours could look like that of someone else, the combination of them all is unique to you only.                 Just like that fish, we all get to meet some points of decision everyday of our lives. On t…
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You are unstoppable.

This space has been less busy for a while now. So many things happening at the same time. My apologies.           So, what is it you've been going through lately?
           Have you been having some hard time, or maybe hitting rough phases, facing obstacles, or meeting bad energies at almost every corner?             Let me share this with you.             Never see reasons to quit yet.

            Whatever tunnel it is you are going through, it's just a phase. It will definitely pass. That I'm sure of. It is the exact time I'm clueless about.             Another thing is this, you're never in it alone. There is hardly any person around who really doesn't have an issue which he/she is battling with. In clearer terms, you're better off than a whole lot of persons. Your case is not the deadliest. A whole lot of others see worse days. For this reason alone, never stop being grateful.            In this aspect, you too can relate. Most times, we all just p…

Expectations, then...disappointments.

MITIGATING THE HURTS THAT COMES WITH DISAPPOINTMENT.            Friend, welcome again 🥰.             Sometime  ago, I got a new phone, and as usual, it came with a charger. Because this phone was a higher brand than all those I've used before, coupled with all the rants I heard about  the extra power that comes with follow come chargers😂, I protected this phone's charger with an utmost care. To be honest, left to me, I would not have loved to share this charger with anyone, but normally, as the Nigerians that we are, someone somewhere just had to beg you😔🤦. Sometimes, they could even use it in your absence if kept carelessly. So, somehow I still shared. All the same, I still took very good care of that charger, such that even as I shared, my heart went out with it.         Then one day...this beloved charger just stopped responding. Just like that. I mean an abrupt end. No warning signals,no symptoms, no real fault on my part. It just gave up on me down there in the middle …

Negative thoughts and you.

First it is worry, then it turns to doubt....                Some days ago, I had an issue with someone. It was not a fall out, or anything big actually, just one of these harsh statements by individuals, that pierce through and through, and make you wonder if some things are actually  worth the stress. So, almost immediately after that took place, I began to worry so deeply. I was almost drifting off..., but then I remembered something. Something which made me stop dead in my tracks to depression. My mind went to something, and I realized that I had almost crossed the boundary. I realized I was going to be doubting my abilities soonest, so, like a reflex, I took the necessary actions. In no time, my joy was back, and all of those thoughts discarded😊.
         Most of us are familiar with Dunsin Oyekan's song that says..."first it was fragrance, then it turned to fire. My worship is my weapon.." .How about we rephrase it this way concerning our thought life.…


Just before you carry out that action..                 The moderator  rolled in the announcements, and this was among. The third meeting in three weeks, was mentioned. Where the pastors would go and discuss redundant stuff that could wait, or be finalized on phone. But as usual, the senior pastor would hear none of that. He actually holds such meetings in high esteem, and sees anyone's failure to come, as disobedience.
               Having  that realization hit him once more,and remembering that he was stuck, the junior pastor cried out in my front. Yeah...he blurted out:"It's still the same things we are going there to discuss"... and I'm quite tired and hungry😥. He just wished for a way to escape but there was none. The moderator would not even take his message, not to talk of relaying it to the senior pastor.
                That was when I felt it. I mean, this junior pastor is my friend, and he was not carnal or whatever. Truth be told, if you s…


KEYS TO A HAPPY LIFE.                So friend, picking up from where we left off, here are the remaining tips I thought to share with you. Let's ride!🏄‍♂️
  Everyday, we meet weak people. We see persons struggling with the level we scaled years before. We come across persons fighting battles we fought and overcame a long time ago. In our classrooms, on social media, in our areas of interest or career, and just everywhere.
            You remember how hard it was for you trying to start out?. Or maybe yours was bliss at the beginning. Yeah, it happens. You had no stress starting out. Probably, you were surrounded by the right persons, or you were just blessed. That’s a very nice one.  You're one of the very few, and I am happy for you🙌.
             However, that person by you, does not have it all rosy, and you know it. The newbie by you is having a really hard time figuring everything out, and you’re aware. What are you doing abo…

The Limit of your Goodness.

           I too, face this issue everytime…Fredrick has been getting on my nerves lately. His own was now too much. All I badly craved now was to pour venom on him..through words, or even literally. Rebecca is nothing close to grateful, and never takes note of any good I do, and I just want to scream my  grievance into her face one day, and stop myself from doing good anywhere around her.
                 And then I keep asking,"when do I stop  being good?, When is the right time to strike these persons with the fact that I also have a bad side, and I’m not made with goodness all around? Which time is the best for revenge or total back-off?.
            Well then, here's the answer you may not want to hear, but need..."Tillyour shadows stop showing up".☺️
              What did you hear about shadows??..You ever heard they never showed up in a day??. Nahh... It's you who never went out. Shadows are longest in th…

Overcoming anger.

You're way too big!             Just one click, and you’re pissed off already...One reaction, and you’ve been taken off the hook....One word, and you’re swept off your feet.
             This is just one though.              Let’s assume you didn’t yield. Probably, you’re a bit stronger. However, sometimes it could be more. Your contenders may decide to take it a bit further. They give you in more doses, and how does it turn out? You get fed up, and, next thing, you blow up. You take everything and everyone down.
            Whichever scenario it is, why let them take the glory all the time? Why let them beat you hands down? Why let them push you to the wall?? Why let them get you annoyed?? Why let them drive you insane?
            And in just a minute more, you’re ranting all over. Losing control, like you never had the control before. You’re performing all sorts of stunts for the person who pressed that button. And in no time, you re-validate the tag they put on you before.