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Catering for our differences.

   WE ARE ONE.                                 Back then in  secondary school, a lot of things mattered. I used to be among the "pens with tiny mouth" lovers. (And I still am😌). I never used to like writing with any pen that had a fat tip. If I got a new note, or had to write something at my convenience, I always used a pen with a tiny mouth. Lucky corer was my favourite then. When writing  exams, I wouldn't dare go in with a big "mouth biro". I had my reasons then. Since writing with fat tip pen  was never my choice, somehow, it always affected my mood, and my handwriting too. I noticed if I used any "big mouth biro", instead of concentrating while writing, I'll be busy bemoaning my  handwriting, and cursing whatever situation that made me use that pen in the first place. Because of this, while coming from home for a new term, I usually buy my biros and come with them. About ten lucky corer biros, firmly tied together with rubber band, tucked awa
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On Comparison: What Reliance isn't seeing.

 So what is it? RELIANCE : I've not been feeling so fine lately. My health has been deteriorating without mercy. Of recent, I've had to visit the hospital twice for tests, to reassure myself that I'm not actually a sickler. VALERIE : Okayyyy...your OCD won this time around. RELIANCE : Stop it. You would have done the same if you were in my shoes. VALERIE : Oya now, no vex ma. RELIANCE : See ehn, that is not even my issue. So many things have been on my mind lately. VALERIE: (Sitting up) Hmmmm...Do you mind sharing? RELIANCE : Not really. you remember Ola? The girl we used to call smallie dah year? VALERIE: (Thinking aloud) Smallie...Ola...who...wait, wait, the one from our secondary school? RELIANCE : Ehen!( claps her hand)...I saw her. VALERIE : (Brightens up her eyes, and begins to smile) Oh my God..where? How was she looking? Where does she live? RELIANCE : Calm down madam...abi, I should leave you to do the talking? VALERIE : Sorry oo..Oya, I

For anything, anytime!

  Reliance: I now started Wondering if I actually look like an onions. Vanessa: (Laughing hysterically) Oh my God!... It's well with us. But wait, ( She sits up, and glances at the clock on the wall) Reliance...It's almost ten a.m. What time did you plan to open your shop? Reliance : I'll go by eleven joor. Sales have been pretty low this week, and I'm just not happy about it. It's killing the little vibes I gathered to open the business. Valerie: So, what exactly do you want? Reliance: C'mon...I have over a million naira worth of goods in that shop, and I keep on selling only a handful of goods per day all. Valerie: Is that so? But at the time I passed yesterday, the whole place was scattered, like you had just sold over a hundred thousand nau.. Reliance: (In shock) Jesus!..what time was tha.. Valerie: In the afternoon joor..sometime between 1 and 2. I was on a bike, so I couldn't really stop to greet, but with that sight alone, I was just hail

Keeping the You alive.

                             Flowers, green grasses, and small clusters everywhere. It's an animal kingdom. A goat meets a fish, and they become friends. They come together, and discover their variances, as regards their way of living, habitat and all. Then one day, the goat begins to tell the fish, that if they must remain friends, the fish has to leave its own habitat, and come stay with the goat on land. What  do you think would happen if the fish, which is cut out to live in water, decides to please her friend the goat, and come to stay on land? Your guess is as good as mine.                In the above illustration, the goat, and the fish were the focus....In today's illustration, you are our focus.                   Your life is made up of dreams, values, beliefs, aspirations. Though some of yours could look like that of someone else, the combination of them all is unique to you only.                 Just like that fish, we all get to meet some points of decision everyday

You are unstoppable.

          This space has been less busy for a while now. So many things happening at the same time. My apologies.            So, what is it you've been going through lately?            Have you been having some hard time, or maybe hitting rough phases, facing obstacles, or meeting bad energies at almost every corner?             Let me share this with you.             Never see reasons to quit yet.             Whatever tunnel it is you are going through, it's just a phase. It will definitely pass. That I'm sure of. It is the exact time I'm clueless about.             Another thing is this, you're never in it alone.  There is hardly any person around who really doesn't have an issue which he/she is battling with. In clearer terms, you're better off than a whole lot of persons. Your case is not the deadliest. A whole lot of others see worse days. For this reason alone, never stop being grateful.            In this aspect, you too can relate. Most times, we all

Expectations, then...disappointments.

MITIGATING THE HURTS THAT COMES WITH DISAPPOINTMENT.                   Friend, welcome again 🥰.              Sometime  ago, I got a new phone, and as usual, it came with a charger. Because this phone was a higher brand than all those I've used before, coupled with all the rants I heard about  the extra power that comes with follow come chargers😂, I protected this phone's charger with an utmost care. To be honest, left to me, I would not have loved to share this charger with anyone, but normally, as the Nigerians that we are, someone somewhere just had to beg you😔🤦. Sometimes, they could even use it in your absence if kept carelessly. So, somehow I still shared. All the same, I still took very good care of that charger, such that even as I shared, my heart went out with it.          Then one day...this beloved charger just stopped responding. Just like that. I mean an abrupt end. No warning signals,no symptoms, no real fault on my part. It just gave up on me down there in th

Negative thoughts and you.

             First it is worry, then it turns to doubt....                Some days ago, I had an issue with someone. It was not a fall out, or anything big actually, just one of these harsh statements by individuals, that pierce through and through, and make you wonder if some things are actually  worth the stress. So, almost immediately after that took place, I began to worry so deeply. I was almost drifting off..., but then I remembered something. Something which made me stop dead in my tracks to depression. My mind went to something, and I realized that I had almost crossed the boundary. I realized I was going to be doubting my abilities soonest, so, like a reflex, I took the necessary actions. In no time, my joy was back, and all of those thoughts discarded😊.          Most of us are familiar with Dunsin Oyekan's song that says..." first it was fragrance, then it turned to fire. My worship is my weapon.."  .How about we rephrase it this way concerning our thought